How to start an online business in Malaysia

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How to start an online business in Malaysia

January 12, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Is Online Business Malaysia for you?

Tired of your 8-to-5 daily job? Being constantly doing the same thing over and over again? Get scolded by your boss frequently? Lost the passion, interest, and patience of the things you are doing almost every day? Well, if you answer “yes” to one or all of the above questions, you should give online business a try.

Worry? Fear? Unsure? I know how you feel right now because I have been in your shoes. You don’t have to quit your full-time job while starting an online business. You can always start with a low budget, home-based or even part-time with it. The best part doing online business is that you don’t even need to have a physical store, what you need is just an internet connection.

online business in malaysia


5  Ways to start an online business in Malaysia

The Five Ways to Start an Online Business in Malaysia
Although there are many ways to start an online business, we will be looking at five of the most popular ones in Malaysia:

  • Selling physical products
  • Selling Online Courses
  • Web design
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Freelancer


Selling Physical Products

Selling physical products like phones, clothes, food, and accessories is one of the most popular ways people make money online.

The concept is simple: you buy products at cost price, put them online at a higher price and ship to your customers when someone orders.c

In Malaysia, the three most popular ways to do this are:


  1. Selling your products on your own e-commerce website eg. shopify, woocommerce and magento etc..
  2. Selling your products on an online marketplace like Lazada, Shopee and 11street
  3. Selling your products on social media (Facebook and Instagram)


You can make money using all three channels but the method to do so will be quite different.

In general, if you sell products on your own e-commerce website, you will need to have money prepared to set up an e-commerce website as well as marketing your brand.

If you don’t have money for that, it would be much easier to get started selling on an online marketplace like Lazada or Shopee or on social media like Instagram and Facebook.

For more established brands, you may even use all three channels to close sales. But for people who are just starting out, I recommend focusing on one channel at a time.


online business malaysia

Selling Online Courses

Udemy is an online marketplace for users all over the world. Home to thousands of classes, Udemy allows instructors to record video courses and sell them to interested students of all ages.

For people looking to earn extra income, Udemy can be a great tool. If you’re an expert in your field or have expertise in a specific niche, you can create a course and sell it online. You’ll earn money for every student who enrolls.

Anyone can teach a class on Udemy, even with no prior teaching experience. When you sign up to become an instructor, Udemy will ask about your experience, your comfort level with video, and whether you have an established audience interested in your materials. Udemy offers robust resources to help you get started based on your answers.

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